About Us

AHA - Two girls sitting

Our Philosophy

The organisation’s philosophy is to create a culture where we are facilitating and generating opportunities for African heritage voices to be truly heard.

Another fundamental part of the organisation is to build the capability of African heritage people as well as other disengaged groups via information, education, and collective action.  To do this the African Heritage Alliance (AHA) is structured with six distinct workstreams, each with a delivery team made up of partners and volunteers and a workstream lead to set the direction and strategy for the team.

The AHA host monthly public meetings arranged by one of the six workstreams placing a spotlight on an issue impacting the African heritage community.  This has resulted in several high-profile speakers and attendees, such as Leicester City’s Police and Crime Commissioner, the City Mayor, MPs Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott as well as Shaun Wallace from ITV’s the Chase. 

Quarterly Reviews and Feedback

Continuous improvement is at the heart of all the things we do at the African Heritage Alliance.  Strengthening community connections and engagement is not a one-off activity and requires deliberation action.  Our approach will include conducting regular reviews with our centre users and groups to gain their feedback on how things have worked, as well as what new initiatives they may like us to consider.


Annual General Meeting

Annually, an annual general meeting will be held, where all members of the community will be invited to join a in-person event at the African Caribbean Centre where we will share key information regarding finances, feedback and plans for the year ahead.  At this meeting we will take a look back at the collated feedback and show how this has or will be addressed.  The meeting will also be an avenue for further input and views from the community.

These feedback elements will be formally established in 2024 when we are fully managing the African Caribbean Centre.